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Construction Genius

Jul 25, 2023

In this comprehensive and insightful conversation, Eric Anderton, host of Construction Genius, sits down with Wes Palmisano, President & CEO of Impetus, a commercial construction startup that rocketed to success. The chat unveils Wes's approach to leadership development, culture creation, and his strategic blend of in-house and external expertise to drive growth and innovation. Wes also shares his personal strategies for maintaining focus amidst the whirlwind of leading a fast-growing company.



Building a Leadership Academy: Wes discusses how Impetus created its own Leadership Academy, empowering employees to grow into more prominent roles within the company. He highlights the value of investing in people, creating an internal ecosystem where talent can flourish, and the benefit of structured career pathways.

Cultivating a Company Culture: Wes emphasizes the importance of creating a culture that mirrors the identity of the leaders. He stresses that it's not only about setting standards and values; instead, it's about nurturing those values consistently within the organization, to the point where it becomes a habit.

Balancing Internal and External Expertise: Wes unpacks how his organization leans on external expertise when needed, despite their preference for in-house resources. He elaborates on how these external consultants bring fresh perspectives and ideas, highlighting the importance of careful selection and gradual integration of external partners for alignment with the company's culture.

Continuous Growth and Expansion: Wes offers an inside look at the rapid growth of Impetus, from zero to $100 million in revenue in its first 36 months. He describes the company's journey, from initially focusing on commercial construction to branching out into heavy civil construction and other self-performed capabilities, always pushing for innovation and improvement.

Maintaining Sanity Amidst Rapid Growth: In the midst of an aggressively growing business, Wes swears by routine to maintain his sanity. He shares his personal strategies for keeping a structured day, including exercising, minimizing decisions, and sticking to what works for him.

A Taste of New Orleans: The conversation wraps up on a lighter note, with Wes recommending Peche, a local seafood restaurant in New Orleans that offers a modern, healthier take on traditional local cuisine.

For a deep dive into how a successful construction business operates and navigates challenges, don't miss this conversation with Wes Palmisano on Construction Genius. Explore the journey of Impetus and find actionable insights to drive your own business success.



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