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Construction Genius

Apr 18, 2023

Do you have a succession plan in place? How do you ensure that the right person is in the correct position? In this episode, Eric Anderton paves the way for Rick Chowdry, the President of Intech Mechanical, to share his step-by-step guide to crafting and executing a winning succession plan. Rick’s priority is ethics, and the key to his success in business. He suggests that when looking for a potential leader, we should look at the intangibles, like character. Rick also looks at those individuals who value people and differentiates those who truly value people from those who are transactional to people. For a more in-depth discussion, tune in to this episode now!


Purchase Rick's book: I Sh*t My Pants Again and So Did You.


Purchase Eric's book:  Construction Genius: Effective, Hands-On, Practical, Simple, No-BS Leadership, Strategy, Sales, and Marketing Advice for Construction Companies.


Eric helped Rick's company, Intech Mechanical, with its succession planning. Click this link and read from Rick about his experience working with Eric.

Are you a Construction company owner that's looking for outside help to build and/or refine your succession plan? Let's talk about how I can help. Contact me at my website.