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Construction Genius

Aug 29, 2023

Within the construction industry lies a vast realm of untapped opportunities, awaiting those who dare to venture beyond the familiar. Get ready to rock out in this exhilarating episode! Come explore with us the universe of heavy metal – not the music, but a thrilling project that is transforming the construction industry and shifting our perception of it. Our guest Angie Simon, co-founder and president of Heavy Metal Summer Experience, shares the inspiring story of how this revolutionary summer camp has achieved unprecedented levels of success. The Heavy Metal Summer Experience provides high school youth with a transformative opportunity to explore the limitless potential within the trades. It's a gateway for talented, hardworking individuals who may not be college-bound, yet yearn to build a remarkable future in the construction industry. Angie reveals the origins of the Heavy Metal Summer Experience and unveils the intricacies of its structure. Furthermore, she elaborates on how various segments of the construction industry, ranging from subcontractors to general contractors, can incorporate the Heavy Metal approach to entice prospective individuals to join the field. Tune in now and discover the path to trades!


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