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Construction Genius

Dec 14, 2021

This week’s podcast takes a detour from our usual leadership topics. 

A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction. For example, Pepsin is an enzyme that acts as a digestive catalyst, speeding up the digestion of meat. We are also familiar with the use of catalyst to refer to a person that causes change or action. In this episode we will think about such a person. That catalyst is Jesus Christ. 

Reading from the Gospel of Matthew, I explore how the birth of Christ impacted the lives of the Magi, King Herod and Joseph, the husband of Mary. 

Here are the highlights:

0:00 Introduction



1:13 What is a catalyst?


2:14 The threefold nature of the catalyst


3:35 The response to the catalyst


3:53 The response of the wise men


5:58 The response of King Herod


9:37 The response of Joseph


13:13 How will you respond to this catalyst?




Passage to Read: Matthew 1:18 - Matthew 2:23


YouVersion Bible App:


Have a terrific Holiday Season with your family and friends, and thank you for tuning in!