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Construction Genius

Nov 10, 2020

There are several ways to describe an effective leader. A leader can be strong, passionate, and humble. While all of these traits are essential to leadership success, there is something in leader humility that makes it unique. 

In today’s episode, our guest, Marilyn Gist and I discuss what leader humility is and what it is not. Marilyn also explains how humility bridges the power disparity between leaders and employees by making their employees feel seen and heard. She cites real-world examples of how humility has been an effective aid in solving crisis situations in global companies such as Ford and Costco. 

Learn more about humility and how you can display it in your leadership by listening to this podcast episode today!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Marilyn’s encounter with Jim Sinegal [02:08]
  2. How Jim demonstrates leader humility [04:09]
  3. Relationship between humility and power distance [05:23]
  4. Leaders’ awareness of their effect to others [08:15]
  5. Advice for CEOs mentoring new leaders [10:17]
    • Perception of a leader [12:51]
  6. Show humility in a proactive manner [11:38]
  7. Generous inclusion and leadership [15:08]
  8. Why leaders don’t include their employees in decision-making [16:50]
    • Alan Mulally’s experience with Ford’s crisis [18:33]
    • How Alan balanced competing interests [21:09]
  9. Leader’s humility impact on the organization’s bottom lines [17:48]
    • Building self-awareness [26:34]
  10. Rebuild a humble model of yourself [25:32]
  11. Helpful tools in building humility [27:22]
    • Repairing damaged relationships [31:26]
  12. A leader recovers according to their strength [30:38]
  13. Top three things to do to become a humble leader [33:41]

About the Guest:

Marilyn Gist is an educator, speaker, and acclaimed author of The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility. She is a sought-after speaker for topics on leadership effectiveness and impact. Marilyn’s book about leadership humility brings insight into what is required from leaders to work together with their employees effectively. 


Books mentioned in this episode:

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