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Construction Genius

Feb 6, 2024

Transform your marketing by embracing human flaws and crafting pivot stories that captivate hearts, build trust, and redefine success. In this episode, Mike Synder, partner at Raptor USA and co-author of The Great Marketing Lie, discusses approaching marketing with a unique perspective—how embracing human flaws and the art of storytelling can lead to powerful transformations in your business strategies. He reveals the secrets of building trust through transparency, even in industries like construction where perfection is paramount. He explores the art of articulating the pivot and how recognizing and addressing unexpected challenges can enhance your brand and captivate your audience. He also discusses the pivotal role of culture in shaping your marketing approach, and how it can define your reactions in times of crisis. And all those are just some of what he covers today, so don’t miss out. Tune in now and transform the way you approach marketing.