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Construction Genius

Mar 30, 2021

Leadership is difficult. The work is endless, and you get constantly bombarded with problems left and right. Leadership is a responsibility. You have to carry the burden of making the decisions that impact your company, negatively or positively. 

In a recent coaching session with the President of a construction company, we discussed three issues that every executive faces: how to make tough decisions, how to solve challenging problems, and how to prioritize. 

After the call, I shot three short videos discussing the perspectives that I shared with my client to help him address his challenges. This podcast episode includes those three videos. 

You will like how they give you practical ways to handle some of your toughest issues.

One of the segments is particularly personal to me. I share the most difficult decision I ever had to make, two weeks before I was due to get married. It was tough!

Listen to this episode today! 

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 

1:40 The Franklin Planner 

3:40 The principle of prioritization still works 

3:59 How solving business problems is similar to losing weight 

5:15 Identify your goals in business 

5:37 Identify the levers to help you reach your goals

5:47 Keep track of how you execute your levers 

6:10 Commit to incremental progress 

6:52 The toughest decision I ever had to make 

8:21 What is the toughest business decision you are making? 

8:47 The difficult decision you have to make

9:21 ‘36 hours of pain’

9:51 Be driven by doing the right thing 


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Thank you for tuning in!