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Construction Genius

Jun 2, 2020

You do not want to meddle in another person’s affairs, but sometimes it’s obvious that someone on your team is struggling. Their ability to perform at a high level is affected by what they are going through. They are stuck. 

In this week’s episode of Construction Genius, I explore why people get stuck, the impact it has upon your organization, and how you can help people get unstuck. 

Tune in to this episode. 

What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

  1. The first reason people get stuck: Skill [2:25]
    1. Client-based 
    2. Business development 
    3. Job specific basis 
  2. The second reason people get stuck: Relationships [3:49]
    1. Change in culture in construction 
    2. Change in technology 
    3. Change in economy 
    4. Personal crisis 
  3. The third reason people get stuck: Will [6:13]
  4. The impact of stuck people upon your organization, project partners, your clients [9:41]
  5. How to respond when someone in your organization is stuck [11:38]
  6. A simple framework of small steps you can take to help those who are stuck [15:09]
  7. A challenge to commit to meeting people who are stuck [21:53]


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Thank you for tuning in!