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Construction Genius

Mar 26, 2024

As we enter an age of rapid digital transformation, we can no longer hold off AI from entering the way we do our business. Construction is not an exception. How do we navigate this AI revolution? In this episode, Eric Anderton is with Daniel Hewson, the data capability manager at Elecosoft where he oversees the development of overall data and AI strategy. Daniel shares his expertise to help us understand how AI is impacting construction, shedding light on the misconceptions of this technology. He also talks about how we can use AI better in business and what are its limitations in terms of the quality and accuracy of its output and more. Plus, Daniel offers a guide for when you’re dealing with AI vendors, partnering with technology companies, and more. Join in on this timely conversation and find yourself equipped with a blueprint for the future as you embrace the inevitability of AI in this industry.