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Construction Genius

Oct 15, 2019

In my garage I have an orange tool box that an old friend, Stan gave me. Stan was a great guy. A self-made first-generation immigrant to the United States. He owned an apartment building in Berkeley, and did the vast majority of the maintenance work himself. He gave me the tool box as a gift, and as a bit of a hint to me. A hint to use the hammer, wrench, screwdrivers to take care of the handyman stuff around my house. Just like Stan gave me the toolbox a number of years ago, I’m going to give you a tool, the 90 Day High-Performance Dashboard. The purpose of the tool is to help you maximize your direct report’s productivity, and make your leadership easier.    It’s designed to help your direct reports to think about what they need to do to achieve high-performance, act accordingly and adjust as necessary. If used correctly, it will enable you to hold your direct reports accountable for their performance, and help you to strengthen your relationship with them.

In this episode I’ll cover: 

  1. Who is the tool for?

  2. How does it help? 

  3. What does it consist of? 

The tool box that Stan gave me is unused most of the time. The problem is, I hate handyman work, and though I have the tools at my fingertips, I never use them, preferring to sub out any work. The same is true with the dashboard. It’s a tool, not a magic pill, and it must be used consistently to maximize performance. 

Next Steps: 

  1. Download the Dashboard:
  2. Schedule a meeting with your direct reports
  3. Explain the Dashboard to them. 
  4. Have them fill it out 
  5. Meet with them to evaluate their Dashboard 
  6. Agree on a final version 
  7. Use it as the template for all your one to one’s for the next 90 days 
  8. Celebrate your progress