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Construction Genius

Sep 7, 2021

A long term commitment to building relationships through networking will result in more sales. As a CEO or President, you play the main role in building your network and making sure the people in your organization continue to cultivate those relationships. 

My guest today is a construction  company President and a tremendous networker. Austin Edwards of Emerald Site Services gives several practical pointers that can help construction leaders in not only expanding their network, but in nurturing those connections to encourage more sales.

Find out how you can cultivate the right network that propels your business to success. 

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction
2:39 The CEO’s Role in Business Development 
5:14 When Saying ‘No’ to Big Projects Is the Right Choice
6:59 What Networking Actually Is
9:53 Networking Vs. Selling
12:33 The Right Way to Network
15:56 The Mindset for Starting the Conversation
19:21 Identifying the Person You Want to Get Introduced To
21:08 The Importance of Being Top of Mind
23:21 Cultivating Relationships Outside Your Direct Network
25:34 Maintaining Your Current Clients (While Growing Your Business)
28:09 The Difference Between Good Events and Bad Events
30:05 Overcoming Rejection
32:20 Why CEOs Should Share their Network with Their People
34:32 How to Get Better at Networking
36:53 Networking Advice Specifically for CEOs
38:38 BONUS: The Must-Visit Restaurant in Budapest

About the Guest: 

Austin Edwards is the President and Principal at Emerald Site Services. Based in Sacramento, California, the company offers stormwater compliance services and consulting as well as complete solutions for erosion and sediment control. As President, Edwards oversees a family-owned company which has been in business since 1982. 

Edwards supports various charitable organizations and advocacy groups in Northern California. He is also a keen outdoorsman.


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