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Construction Genius

Dec 5, 2023

Unlock the true potential of your construction business!

Maximize your construction business potential by mastering hiring and management, leading with purpose, and turning networking events into growth opportunities. In this episode, we have David Hernandez, head of U.S. operations for Elecosoft, explore three crucial topics that can revolutionize your approach to growing your construction business. First up, he tackles the art of hiring and managing business development professionals. He discusses how to identify top talent, conduct effective interviews, and create a winning team that drives your company's success. Next, we shift gears to discuss essential aspects of leadership: delegation and time management. David shares the key strategies that effective leaders implement to maximize productivity, delegate tasks efficiently, and streamline their workflow. Finally, David unveils the hidden potential of networking events. Say goodbye to awkwardly standing in the corner, nursing a beer, and hello to making genuine connections that benefit your business. He explains how being curious and intentional turns networking events into chances to build partnerships, generate leads and expand your network. So, grab your hard hat and get ready to dive deep into the world of business development and leadership. Tune in to this captivating conversation with David Hernandez!


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