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Construction Genius

Nov 2, 2021

For construction professionals, the whole purpose of bidding work is to win work. But what are the elements of a successful bid? Some say most decisions heavily depend on the lowest price at the end of the bidding process.


But today, Dave Wagner — Vice President of Product Marketing and partner development at STACK construction technologies enlightens us with how you can increase the likelihood of winning a project bid.


Other important factors we discuss are:

  • Why companies lose the projects they bid,


  • The key elements of a successful bid, and


  • Areas a company can focus on to make bidding more efficient


With all the practical details we discuss today, you’ll be guaranteed to learn a lot. So stay tuned until the end for tons of golden nuggets we’ll be dropping along the discussion.


Discussion Points:


  • 0:00 Introduction


  • 2:13 Your initial assessment of projects is crucial to how your bidding will play out


  • 5:03 Determining which client or project type is right for you


  • 9:57 The 2 time factors in winning bids


  • 11:41 The key elements of a successful bid


  • 12:48 The 2 major components of a bid


  • 16:22 David talks about their Takeoffs Analysis Software


  • 19:45 The key elements of a presentation


  • 20:28 Focusing on this area first produces better results in bidding


  • 21:42 STACK’s 3 Primary Elements to an efficient process


About the Guest:


Dave Wagner is Vice President of Product Marketing and Partner Development at STACK Construction Technologies — the industry’s leading cloud-based pre construction platform for pre construction professionals. Dave has worked in the ConTech industry for nearly 20 years and has been with STACK since November 2020. STACK provides a centralized hub where plans, specs, and other construction documents can be stored, evaluated, measured, and shared. For more information, please visit







Connect with Dave Wagner/STACK:






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