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Construction Genius

Feb 23, 2021

Are you struggling to attract the right clients to your company? Marketing plays a huge role in addressing this dilemma as you can’t just hope for the best that they will someday notice you and the services you offer. When you’re doing marketing right, your message will be more intentional and laser-focused, resulting in a significant shift, client and profit-wise. 

In this week’s Construction Genius podcast episode, I share tried and true ways to attract your ideal clients to your construction companies. I discuss the marketing funnel and the four parts of the funnel’s top part that you need to focus on. I also give away three reasons why construction companies fail to maximize profits and what you can do to address those problems. 

Tune in to this episode! 

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 

1:29 Many construction companies struggle with marketing 

2:57 Four parts of the top of the funnel 

3:54 Hope is not a strategy 

4:27 What is the purpose of a business?

4:52 Reasons construction companies fail to maximize profits

5:16 The right job, right client, right location = success

6:09 The market analysis tool 

8:42 The wrong way to do marketing 

9:13 The right way to do marketing 

9:33 Marlboro’s marketing story 

12:38  Successful marketers begin with the client 

13:16 Understand why clients purchase your construction services

14:26 The avatar marketing method

15:24 Understanding client’s emotions to craft a marketing campaign 

16:50 Questions to ask 

20:23 Crafting a targeted marketing message 

29:14 Seven aspects of marketing 

30:39 Marketing does not have to be a mystery 


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