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Construction Genius

Nov 22, 2022

There is a shortage of labor in the construction industry.  Attracting the right talent can be frustrating.  It leads to projects not being completed on time and impacts your bottom line.  

Why is there a shortage?  The answer is Racism.  

Racism leads to stereotypes, exclusion and ultimately keeps you from growing your business with skilled talent.  

The good news?

You can attract top notch talent without excluding people.  This will keep the company growing with a competitive advantage and projects completed on time.  

In this episode, Henry Nutt of Southland Industries joins us to reveal the best way to have an inclusive culture.  This will keep growing your business at a breakneck speed without worrying about labor shortage. 

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The “know and trust” formula that keeps your company from attracting skilled talent (5:10)
  • How “Tunnel Vision” keeps you from growing your business with the best ideas in construction (7:10)
  • The “Story” method to use for recruiting top notch talent in the industry (16:10)
  • How to transform communities with projects that makes you stand out from the competition (17:05)
  • The four key ingredients to measure growth and inclusion that leaves your competition in the dust (23:00)
  • The “partnership” formula for training talent that stays and grows with your company (31:00)
  • How to grow the next generation of leaders in the industry that leaves a legacy (31:45)

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Please Buy Henry’s Book: Seven Principles: Creating Your Success in the Construction Industry