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Construction Genius

Feb 8, 2022

In every sport, the players have a set of rules they need to play by. This is also true for every single business out there, including construction companies. And what better way to play than to set up your own rules and pick out the players you want to play with?


In this episode, join me as I talk about the essence of making the rules of your game in order for you to get freedom, wealth, and time back for yourself. 


Follow the three step process that I explain and reap the rewards of winning the game.


Let's get started!


Discussion Points:


• 0:00 Introduction


• 2:20 Your job as a construction company owner


• 3:57 Step # 1: You need to make the rules of the game (your construction company)


• 5:38 Step # 2: Invite people to play the game


• • 6:31 Customers


• • 8:29 Employees


• • 10:07 Project partners 


• 11:23 Step # 3: Enforcing the rules of the game


• 11:53 Two types of pain you experience when the rules of the game are not strictly enforced


• 14:31 Take control, have freedom and liberty over your own construction company


• 15:17 Eric’s short backstory


• 18:27 We’re not a family, we’re like a pro sports team


• 19:26 Benefits of developing and playing a disciplined game of business


• 20:57 What are the next steps for you and your business?




• Need help designing and playing your business game? Contact Eric Anderton: 


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Thank you for tuning in!