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Construction Genius

Jun 29, 2021

Construction is a competitive and crowded industry. Setting yourself apart from the competition in the minds of potential and existing clients is a challenge. What should you focus on to stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal clients? 

In this week’s podcast episode, my guest Peep Laja shares the best way to market your company and stand out from the competition. He has deep marketing experience, so he understands what it takes to be different and to attract your ideal clients. 

If you’re a construction company owner that is struggling with differentiating your company from the competition, you’ll find this discussion insightful. So tune in to this episode today! 

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 
2:22 Biggest mistake companies make when marketing in a crowded field 
5:07 Why do companies struggle with setting themselves apart 
5:53 Two obvious ways to differentiate your company from the rest 
7:07 What does a brand mean? 
9:55 How to know if somebody already owns a message in the market’s mind 
11:24 How to actively cultivate brand perception 
14:37 Table stakes 
15:37 Storytelling and brand 
17:33 What people are missing with marketing 
19:54 Taking aspects of the table stakes and bring aspects out to set oneself apart 
22:42 Who should be driving the differentiation effort in an organization?
23:52 Pick one thing that differentiates you 
25:19 How long should a company be committed to a single marketing message?
26:06 Get clear on your identity 
26:39 What to ask to get clarity on your uniqueness
29:00 Start communicating the idea externally 
29:30 Attract and repel   

About the Guest: 

Peep Laja is a former champion of experimentation and optimization turned business builder. He now grows a portfolio of companies and is the founder of CXL, Speero, and Wynter.


Restaurants mentioned in this episode: 

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Thank you for tuning in!