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Construction Genius

Aug 10, 2021

The process of submitting and responding to RFIs is often a source of tension.

In today’s episode, my guest, Slater Latour, frames the challenges that the construction industry has in taking a concept and design and building it in the real world. He then explains how the whole RFI process can be managed effectively. Slater and I also discuss the software developed by his company, Newforma, and how they help companies have an efficient RFI process. 

Stay to the end of the episode to understand how conflicts in the RFI process can be overcome. Check out this episode today! 

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction
2:29 Why do RFIs cause tension in a construction project  
3:46 People responsible for the efficient processing of RFIs
4:35 Dealing with frustrations on rushed designs due to RFIs
6:03 Reducing tension around RFIs without the blame game
7:33 Information often missed in the RFI process 
8:21 How to avoid wasting resources on inefficient RFI procedures
11:06 Newforma and its project information hub system
14:00 Challenges in RFI technology selection and implementation 
17:13 Newforma - coordination, not replacement
18:13 The reason why companies refuse a format change according to Slater
19:26 Hallmarks of companies that succeed in change management 
21:40 Slater shares how companies can set up for a smooth RFI process

About the Guest: 

Slater Latour is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer of Newforma, a company that pioneered the Project Information Management (PIM) software category in 2004 for architects, engineers, contractors, and construction company owners.

Slater is committed to assisting Newforma in continuing to grow its business by providing useful solutions to the AEC market. He has had corporate strategy and cross-functional leadership responsibilities in companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to one of the world's ten most diversified financial services providers.


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