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Construction Genius

Aug 4, 2020

An ideal strategic plan can help scale your business and take you to where you want it to be in the coming years. But without clear priorities set into it, it may take longer than anticipated to achieve sustained business success.

This week’s podcast episode is the fourth and last part of the Triangle One-Page Planning Process series. Today, we’ll examine how to create an efficient system in building your construction business by identifying your priorities as we cover:

  1. What is a priority and what makes it important,
  2. How to identify and clarify your priorities, and
  3. How to build a priority structure

Be smart about dealing with every aspect of your business by listening to this episode now!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Overview of today’s topic [02:19]
    1. The 30-60-90 day rule [04:06]
    2. What makes prioritization important [04:44]
    3. Don’t multitask; Focus on what’s important [05:24]
    4. Focusing on a specific outcome provides a sense of accomplishment and momentum [07:07]
  2. What is a priority and why is it important? [03:25]
    1. Three main areas of the construction business [08:13]
  3. How to identify and clarify your priorities [07:59]
    1. The three parts of an action plan [09:56]
    2. A rally-cry gives clarity, focus, and motivation [10:07]
    3. Everybody has to take off their hats when figuring out your top priority is [12:49]
  4. How to make a priority structure [09:08]
    1. 3 to 5 fierce focus are required to achieve the rally-cry [14:52]
  5. The areas of fierce focus [14:20]
    1. Leading indicators allow you to be proactive; Lagging indicators, reactive [17:09]
    2. Beware that you don’t overburden your heroes [18:43]
  6. Identify your critical numbers [16:27]
  7. Prioritization may come as a challenge for business owners [20:16]
  8. Leaders can’t agree on what’s important [21:05]
  9. Make sure to design a simple plan around identifying your priorities [22:12]
  10. Steps you can take to design and move forward with your one-page plan [24:06]


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