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Construction Genius

Jan 28, 2020

My guest today  is Dom Rubino

Businessman, Podcast Host , Business Coach and terrible fly-fisherman

He specializes in working with business owners who want more. More Time, More Money, More Team, and More Strategy on growing smart.

On today’s episode we discuss how to use systems to get your construction company ready to sell. 

Highlights include 

  • The danger of waiting too long to sell your business
  • The good, the bad, and the neutral reasons to sell 
  • One construction company’s transition success
  • Running a business on systems, not randomness  
  • How to know how much your company will sell for
  • How systems predictably enhance the value a company 
  • The connection between successful sports teams and great companies 
  • How to start improving your systems, today
  • Shall I sell internally or externally? 
  • The necessity of understanding your “ideal buyer”
  • Dozo Sushi, Dom’s recommendation for sushi in Vancouver 

How to get in touch with Dom: and

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