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Construction Genius

Mar 23, 2021

Productivity drives profitability. To achieve both, organizations must excel operationally. 

Technology and its implementation in company processes are essential for operational excellence. Positive change occurs when leaders are sold out to its importance and value, communicating it to their people both in the field and office.

In this week’s podcast episode, I have a conversation with Don Kafka, the CEO of ToolWatch, Corp. He shares the challenges he faced in running his electrical contracting business and how it led to the creation of ToolWatch to solve those challenges. We also discuss the role of technology in dialing in operations for construction businesses and how leaders play a huge role in rolling out those initiatives to their people. 

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Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 
2:06 Biggest challenge Don faced running his business 
2:45 Bottlenecks in the construction industry 
3:28 Value of strong internal operations 
4:19 Where to begin in strengthening internal operations 
5:25 Best construction company practices 
6:07 How to convince the leadership of dialing in their operations 
7:54 What ToolWatch does for operations management
9:50 Recommendations for successfully using software tools  
11:28 Roadblocks from the implementation of technology and overcoming them 
12:42 How effective leaders roll-out technology initiatives
14:13 Frequency of meetings with implementation teams and who comprises them 
15:56 Clearing the ground for a fresh start when you’ve failed 
18:00 When to dedicate a person to oversee implementation of new technologies
18:56 Top three areas of focus to improve productivity and profitability

About the Guest: 

Don Kafka is founder and CEO of ToolWatch Corp. Kafka established the Denver-based company in 1991 to provide tool and equipment systems that track and manage resources throughout an organization.     

Since then, he has been focused on educating construction companies about the importance of operations management to improve their productivity and profitability.


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